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Titties in the Press

"Fallon’s art itself has a simplistic style, yet each painting is as uniquely one of a kind as its subject. While each painting captures a different pair of breasts, they also capture the individual"


-Megan Syron ChurchGirl Soup


In Conversation with TittyPix creator, Fallon Smalberg

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TittyPix: An Empowered Artist Empowering Others

"While of course part of TittyPix’s success comes from the idea and content, I think a large part of it stems from Fallon herself. Her dedication and passion combined with the intentions of the company is what makes it so special.  Even just talking with her for an hour, I could feel how much she genuinely loves what she does, and it made me love it even more."


-Zoey Peacock-Jones, Feature Female

"Mesmerized by Smalberg’s aura, I let the cup of tea she brewed for me grow cold. Hours later, as Shabbat swept the Brooklyn sky with a fiery sunset, I left the artist’s home, walking a little taller, with an original TittyPix painting in hand."


-Arielle KaplanAlma


This Jewish Artist Wants to Paint Your Boobs


Queer New York Based Artist Tittypix Launches Website And Fundraiser For Artbridge Covid-19 Artist Relief Fund

“During a crisis, Brooklyn based artist Fallon Smalberg feels it is essential to help artists continue creating and providing for themselves and their families.”


-Silke Bader, Curve Magazine

“Despite the pandemic, she’s continuing to create from within her apartment in Williamsburg — and her creative approach to body positivity and empowerment is arguably more needed now than ever.”


-Kim Wong-ShingGo Magazine


Tittypix Creates Custom Boob Paintings While Helping Indie Artists Survive COVID


Tittypix Wants To Draw Your Boobs While Raising Money For Breast Cancer Research

“And as TittyPix exists thanks to breasts, it’s a no-brainer that Smalberg and the company continue to strongly advocate for the breast cancer community.”


-Isabelle Lichtenstein, GO Magazine

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