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About TittyPix


TittyPix was born in December 2018 out of founder and CEO Fallon Smalberg’s playful idea to paint breasts for fun. When she showed the images to friends and posted them on Instagram the responses contained a thread that echoed her own journey toward a positive body image. The business began after a discussion with a fellow artist and photographer about the potential power of offering individual paintings to other people with the intention of creating a space of empowerment, self-acceptance, breast diversity, and healing.

After over 600 sessions both live and remote TittyPix has evolved into space for individuals to reclaim the meaning, value, and beauty of their body and breasts and to go deeper into their own story. Whether it’s a new parent discovering their breast’s new badass role to nourish their child, or a person grappling with the fear and complexities of breast cancer, the sessions provide a safe and therapeutic container to dissolve the blocks we all have that prevent us from fully loving our bodies. 

TittyPix is committed to thoughtful giving and donates a portion of the proceeds every month to organizations that are in accord with founder Fallon Smalberg’s philosophy of the healing power of communities that stand for unity, kindness, and love. 


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I Felt At Ease and Comfortable Being Myself

“I struggle with moments of vulnerability. Tending to nervously talk in circles, masking jokes at my own expense. With Fallon, this was not the case! I felt at ease and comfortable being myself. While being painted. While extremely topless. Fallon met me exactly where I was and encouraged me to talk about myself. It didn’t matter how random the story. The live session made me feel beautiful, interesting, and CONFIDENT! How often in life are you able to connect with someone on that intimate a level, without fear of judgments sexualization, or embarrassment? All while creating something truly beautiful? This was the act of self-care I never knew I needed. I cannot recommend this experience enough. Thank you, Fallon! “



-Anne P. @pappas.jpeg

Taking Self-Love and Body Positivity to a Whole New Level


“My time with Fallon felt as safe as it was healing - and I don’t use those words lightly. She created the perfect space for me to see my body in the most beautiful, artistic light. I even asked her to choose my colors and she felt into which ones felt the most like me which was the yummiest personal touch. I was able to relax into the safe space she created as she painted the MOST beautiful painting that hangs proudly in my living room. Fallon is taking self love and body positivity to a whole new level, and made our entire session into a ceremony. Work with this creatrix and melt into the magic!”



-Ani F. @ani_ferlise


Feel Safe and Comfortable Every Step of the Way


“Fallon is the best! My experience with her was absolutely wonderful from start to finish. She made sure I felt safe and comfortable every step of the way. We had great conversations about consent and she was respectful and warm; I felt like I had known her for years. Her soul is as beautiful as her art. Do yourself a favor and get a titty pic!”


-Marie K. @avokadoyama

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

“I’ve worked with Fallon a number of times at this point, and it’s been so amazing to see the empowering platform and inclusive outlet she’s created for all folx to embrace body positivity in a creative and fun way.

She’s a pleasure to work with and has a warm, welcoming way about her that really makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. I highly recommend this experience!”

-Neha S. @yogi.ney


Bring Your Whole Self to the Session and Treat Our Time as a Total Act of Self-Love

“I think it is so important, in these harrowing times, to celebrate our bodies and womanhood and challenge the ideas of censorship and sex-negativity on social media and beyond. That’s why my experience with Fallon was so incredible and meaningful to me. She encouraged me to bring my whole self to the session and to treat our time as a total act of self-love. She is a talented artist and a wonderful person and I can’t recommend her enough!”

-Sarah C. @sarchar

A Lovely and Self-Explorative Experience 

“Working with Fallon was a lovely and self-explorative experience. She created a safe and comfortable environment from the moment I booked my session and working with her was a pleasure. Fallon is a warm and welcoming person whose work is absolutely beautiful. Be sure to connect with this lovely artist!”

-Sarah S. @sarsilvs


Get a Whole New Appreciation for Your Titties in Progress

“Getting a TittyPic done by Fallon was incredible. She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed and I loved the conversation. I have a scar from a breast reduction that’s still healing that she illustrated with glitter and it gave me a whole new appreciation for my titties in progress.”


-Arielle K. @buffyfangirl94 @whoregasmic @smhpod

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